Happy Feet

Fun Foot Facts

You know that they’re small but mighty and have sensitive soles, but did you know that your feet can tell you when other parts of your body are in trouble? Did you know that the bones in your feet don’t completely harden until you’re 21? Read on for more fun facts about feet!

Basic Facts

The average foot contains 26 bones. With 206 bones in the human body altogether, that means just over a quarter of your body’s bones are in your feet.

The bones in feet start out as cartilage, like your ears and nose, and don’t completely transform into bone or “ossify” until we’re in our early 20s.

Feet have the highest concentration of sweat glands if any other part of the body. That’s why your skates and running shoes smell so bad!

There are thousands and thousands of nerves in your feet, with many nerve endings near the skin’s surface. It’s what makes your feet extremely ticklish and why stepping barefoot on a tiny LEGO block is utter agony.

Gymnasts, Dancers, Hockey Players: Athletes, we’re talking about you!

Thanks to gravity and force, whenever you take a step the weight you put on your feet is greater than your total body weight. When you run, that weight is more than doubled. The amount of weight that feet support for athletes executing airborne feats can be several times their body weight. Think about gymnasts performing vault, dancers landing from a leap, or basketball players nailing a slam dunk. Don’t skip leg day!

Remember that the bones in feet don’t completely harden until our early 20s? This is why proper footwear for children who participate in sports – or even gym class – is imperative. Those soft bones need growing support during dance, hockey, and soccer to ensure that the bones ossify and fuse properly.
Athlete’s foot doesn’t just annoy athletes’ feet. You can pick it up anywhere you and other people walk barefoot. The pool, the beach, the locker room, the hotel shower, your house….wear shoes!

Your Feet Are Trying To Tell You Something

Pain, numbness, tingling, or other abnormal sensations in your feet can be indicators of serious damage or illness such as diabetes and poor circulation. It could also be directly related to the LEGO block you stepped on earlier, but error on the side of caution and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Looking for an excuse to buy new custom shoes that actually fit? Corns and calluses are more than unsightly and uncomfortable. In addition to blisters, they are indicators that your shoes don’t fit properly.
Unhappy feet can cause back aches, headaches, and spinal problems. Solving the problem can be as intensive as surgery and ongoing massage therapy or chiropractic treatments, or as simple as custom orthotics.

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