Shockwave Therapy Cambridge

    Shockwave Therapy Cambridge

      Alleviate pain involving tendons and bones, such as plantar fasciitis, tennis/golfer’s elbow, Achilles tendonitis

      Shockwave Therapy (SWT) is a new technology using shockwaves to treat chronic, painful conditions of the musculoskeletal system. A shockwave is an intense, but very short energy wave traveling faster than the speed of sound. SWT can be used to treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions, in particular, those involving areas where major connective tissue attaches to bone.


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      Benefits of Shockwave Therapy

      Common ailments that can be successfully treated are:
      • Plantar Fasciitis, heel spurs & Achilles tendonitis
      • Patellar tendonitis, jumper’s knee & shin pain
      • Tennis or golfer’s elbow
      • Rotator cuff tendonitis & calcification (Shoulder)
      • Trochanteric bursitis (Hip)
      • Trigger points in muscles
      • Stress fractures/Shin Splints, non-unions (delayed bone healing)
      • Morton’s Neuroma (Nerve)

      SWT is a non-surgical option with results that match surgical outcomes and should be considered when other treatment options have failed.

      How long does shockwave therapy take?

      An initial assessment must be done and if your condition is appropriate, you will be treated with Shockwave Therapy.

      Shockwave Therapy is used when all other treatments have been exhausted. It is for a chronic injury that has persisted for more than 3 months. It is most effective for conditions resulting from connective tissue attachments to bone.

      Shockwave Therapy sessions are usually scheduled as 3 to 5 treatments once per week for 3 to 5 weeks. Then we wait an additional 3 weeks without treatment to allow for healing to take place.

      Shockwave Therapy is a “stand-alone” treatment, no other modalities or exercises will be given during a Shockwave Therapy treatment.


      Shockwave therapy FAQ

      What is the success rate?

      After only 2-3 sessions, over 80% of patients report a significant reduction in pain.

      90% improvement for plantar fasciitis (Journal of Orthopedic Research, 2005)
      91% improvement for calcific tendonitis (Journal of American Medical Association, 2003)
      77% improvement for tennis elbow (Journal of Orthopedics, 2005)

      How Long Does Treatment Last?

      Treatment sessions are short (10-30 minutes depending on the disorder that is treated) and mildly uncomfortable. What are the benefits of Shockwave?

      This therapy works without the use of drugs. It stimulates the body’s natural self-healing processes. There is usually an immediate reduction of pain and better movement. Shockwave may also eliminate your need for a cortisone shot or surgery.

      Does it hurt?

      It can be uncomfortable. Different patients have different tolerances, but it is usually well-tolerated. When you leave you will most likely be pain-free, but there may be a throbbing pain later. (24-48 hrs.) Decrease physical activity for 48 hrs. We want an inflammatory response so refrain from using ice or anti-inflammatory meds. Tylenol is acceptable.

      Is it covered by my medical plan?

      You will be issued a receipt for the respective practitioner that is completing the therapy. If you have benefits for that extended health care provider it should be covered, but always check with your extended health care provider.

      At Wilson Health Services, shockwave therapy may be a part of your Guelph physical therapy treatment plan. Ask your healthcare practitioner for more information on shockwave therapy.

      Advantages of shockwave therapy

      Shockwave therapy is a recent development that is used successfully by healthcare providers that specialize in musculoskeletal disorders. As compared to other treatment methods, the advantages are:

      • Quickly reduces pain
      • No medication is needed
      • Avoids surgery and anaesthesia
      • No side effects
      • No risk of allergies
      • Accelerates healing
      • Effective for chronic conditions
      How does shockwave therapy work?

      Shockwave therapy accelerates the healing process by activating the body’s self-healing powers, particularly in cases where the body has been unable to do so on its own. It stimulates the metabolism and enhances blood circulation which enables damaged tissue to regenerate and eventually heal. The treatment relieves pain by producing an analgesic effect on the treatment area. Healing occurs over several treatments by initiating an inflammatory response and ultimately vascularization to the area. The high-energy acoustic waves that are transmitted through the surface of the skin are spread radially (spherically) into the body and the body responds with increased metabolic activity around the area of the pain. This stimulates and accelerates the healing process and is especially useful for those suffering from chronic heel, shoulder, knee, Achilles, and elbow pain.

      Your therapist will apply shockwaves through a specially designed handpiece that produces strong energy pulses for short periods of time. The shockwave energy pulses are applied directly to the affected tissue areas in a controlled procedure.

      Shockwaves have a mechanical effect on the tissue. Pressure in the front of the shockwave is transmitted into the tissue, creating micro-cavitation bubbles that expand and burst into a resultant force.

      This force penetrates tissue and stimulates cells in the body which are responsible for bone (osteoblast) and connective tissue (fibroblast) healing.

      Shockwave therapy can be performed by
      a chiropractor or physiotherapist

      Dr. Jason Wilson | Chiropractic Doctor

      Dr.Jason Wilson, local chiropractorJason Wilson earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic at Logan University in 2000. Not long after, he opened Wilson Health Services in Guelph, and he’s been working with patients in the area ever since. He’s always wanted to make sure that his practice was one of the most comprehensive clinics in the local area, and that dream has most certainly come true. He’s now known throughout the local area for providing great quality chiropractic treatment with fun, energy, and a friendly touch.

      He’s grown a clinic with a family atmosphere, full of compassion and energy, with providers that work as a team to treat their patients. He’s earned a reputation for having a great sense of humor and for making health care fun for his patients and his colleagues. This has created a great environment for everyone involved, making the practice a memorable and fun place to visit.

      Dr Jay also co-founded a gym in Cambridge in 2013, Fuzion Fitness on Hespeler Road. One can often find him at the gym, helping individuals learn how to use the equipment or offering friendly advice. Dr. Jay lives an active life and helps his patients learn to do the same.

      He’s an entrepreneur, a healer, has a great sense of humor, and is also a husband and father to three children. He clearly shows his values through our office, demonstrating how important family and health are to him. We certainly hope you opt to become a part of our family, so that we can include you in our standard of care.


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      Our mission is to empower our patients and community to expand their level of health and vitality. We will inspire our family of patients to embrace true health from the inside out and to embody wellness which is far superior to the treatment of disease.


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