What’s Causing Your Neck Pain?

While the sources of neck pain differ, nearly everyone is affected at some point. Soreness and stiffness are commonly the result of injuries, strains, arthritis, or even vascular issues. When the discomfort persists for more than two weeks, Dr. Wilson helps restore mobility by targeting the source of the problem.

Pain that extends from the neck down through the fingers is often the result of a herniated disc causing pinching of the enclosed nerve. Discomfort may also be related to activities that hold the neck in stressful positions for extended periods. In some cases, pain moves the full length of the arm, affecting coordination and motor skills.

The chiropractic approach to alleviating neck-related pain and discomfort goes beyond masking the soreness with over-the-counter or prescription medications. It stresses a holistic approach to pain relief based on the concept that all physical systems are interrelated, and can be affected adversely by problems originating in other organs.

It also emphasizes the relationship between the spine and the network of important nerves encased within that structure. When the bones are aligned improperly, nerves can be restricted, and pain can result. The upper spine includes the primary nerve network link to the brain, and relief involves re-positioning those bones to relieve pressure.

This is usually accomplished by performing a series of gentle manual adjustments. Once the spine is positioned more normally, chronic discomfort is usually reduced. While medications can provide temporary relief, chiropractic stresses managing the daily diet, increasing the benefits of personal exercise, and improving overall health naturally.

If issues requiring standard medical attention are discovered during the preliminary exam, Dr. Wilson can make referrals, and also has access to the latest types of related physical therapy kitchener. Invasive neck surgery is considered a last resort in most cases. Finding and eliminating the original source of trouble is the main goal.

You can get long-lasting neck, arm and wrist pain relief through chiropractic care. Get more information about Dr. Wilson, the Chiropractor at Wilson Health Services at http://www.wilsonhealth.ca now.