Natural Solutions For Back Pain

Wilson Health Services provides a range of care disciplines for local area patients. The practitioners on the team are devoted to overall health and well-being of patients.

Wilson Health Services and Dr. Jason Wilson are pleased to announce that the clinic offers a number of solutions for those who are suffering from back pain. The multidisciplinary clinic was founded in 2001 and has grown to include a Chiropodist, five Registered Massage Therapists, a Physiotherapists, a Naturopath. The clinic now also offers innovative therapies such as Shockwave Therapy and Laser Therapy. The grouping of disciplines means that the best approach to back pain is offered in a single location. Dr. Wilson provides natural therapy which is non-invasive, yet effective.

The group at Wilson Health Services recognizes that each of the health care disciplines is as unique as the patients who utilize them. When chiropractic techniques are selected, patients get the best chiropractic care available, with state-of-the-art methods and equipment. In addition, patients have access to the other members of the team, in order to reach optimal levels of health.

According to Dr. Wilson, speaking in a recent interview, “Our mission is to empower our patients and community to expand their level of health and vitality. We will inspire our family of patients to embrace true health from the inside-out and to embody wellness which is far superior in the remedies for disease.”

Back pain is a common complaint among adults and can arise from injuries, poor posture, and poor sleeping positions, among other causes. The chiropractor uses the knowledge and equipment available to him to identify the underlying cause of the pain. He then creates a plan of care for the condition which alleviates pain without the need for drugs or surgery.

Learn more about back pain alleviation by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact Dr. Jason Wilson at the location provided below.

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