A Safe Solution For Your Headaches

Wilson Health Services provides help for those who are experiencing headache pain and other types of pain. The multidisciplinary clinic is ready to provide help to a wide range of patient problems.

Wilson Health Services and Dr. Jason Wilson are pleased to announce that the measures that are offered by the multidisciplinary clinic allow for headache pain relief for local residents. Wilson Health Services consists of practitioners in several disciplines, including Chiropractic, Naturopathic care, Massage Therapy, and Physiotherapy. Since headaches may arise from various causes, various therapies may prove to be effective.

Dr. Wilson uses natural methods and the latest technology to identify headache causes so that an effective plan can be created. The examination can include a patient history, physical examination and digital studies if necessary. When the data is collected, the chiropractor is able to identify a method or methods to provide relief from the pain.

Determining the cause of the headache is important, as it forms a basis of effective solutions. Some of the major causes are allergies, posture, stress and diseases. Spinal column misalignment can be a contributing factor as well. Spinal adjustments and massage therapy can be effective solutions for pain. Reduction of stress factors eliminate many types of headaches. This may require a change in lifestyle.

Overall health improvement is the goal for each patient. The doctor or health practitioner works with patients to develop a customized health plan for pain relief, but also for better quality of life, due to a pattern of wellness, rather than of illness. The solutions offered do not depend upon drugs, since they often only mask the symptoms rather than addressing the causes.

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