Alleviating Pain Associated With Bad Posture

A bad posture can prove responsible for bodily aches and limitations in everyday activities. Incorrect postural alignment means that the spine is no longer balanced and compressing the nervous tissue and surrounding muscles leading to pain, discomfort, and restrictions. The methods offered by our Chiropractor Dr. Jason Wilson can aid in correcting posture and alleviating uncomfortable symptoms associated with spinal problems.

Posture is the position of the vertebral joints in the column in relation to the hips and shoulders. Injuries or remaining in a hunched position for extended periods places the spine at risk for abnormal curvature and poor vertebral positioning. When the vertebrae are no longer in a state of balance, it can cause nerve compression and severe restrictions in the ability to move freely.

The improper postural alignment will often lead to pain in the back, neck, and shoulders. Balance in posture is required to keep physical structures balanced and supported against future injuries and degradation whether at work or rest. Where alignment is obstructed, it places stress on the joints, damage to surrounding tissues, and severely limited mobility.

Lower lumbar pain, headaches, and knee pain can be associated with incorrect posture. Spinal adjustment methods will be applied to restore the positioning of the vertebrae where misalignment is present and causing nerve trouble. This includes firm thrusts and twisting motions in a safe environment that will aid in improving mobility and daily function.

A physical assessment can identify bad posture through mobility and flexibility tests. A chiropractor will examine the spine while standing, sitting, and walking. Patients will be taught how to maintain the right posture including muscle-strengthening techniques to support the spine for long-term health.

Severe cases of alignment can be corrected with custom orthotics, back braces, and similar techniques. Conditions including Scoliosis and arthritis can be supported with naturally based resources. Patient education is important to ensure that the balance of the spine is maintained for an extended period of time to prevent complications at a later stage.

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