How to Hold Your Beer Glass and Other Summertime Relaxation Tips

As you kick back and relax through the fair-weather months keep these tips in mind to help your body last through every cottage weekend you get!

Lounge for Longevity.

You look forward to it all winter long: sitting on the deck in an Adirondack chair. Or maybe it’s your hammock. Or laying on your towel at the beach. Bliss! And, as you get older, you’ve probably started to notice all of these are a pain in the back! You’ve got a lot of lounging to fit in before the snow flies, so there’s no shame in packing your own back pillow and practicing a little deck yoga to keep your muscles limber. Make sure you get up and stretch at least as often as you get a refill, and make at least a few of those refills water, please.

Beer glass, bottle, can, or mug?

Should your grip on your favourite summertime beverage matter? Of course! You’ve noticed the way your body has adapted – and ached – to the way you hold your phone and how you use your keyboard and mouse. You remember the strain of wielding a pencil while practicing cursive in grade 4! If your plan is to have a drink in your hand for every summer sunset you see, choose a drinking receptacle you can keep a hold of comfortably. Nothing so heavy it will strain your fingers, thumb, or put undue pressure on your wrist. Choose a glass that won’t slide out of your hand when condensation forms, or reach for a beer koozie.

Pack a smart cooler.

Before you head off to the beach, be smart about what you pack in your cooler. For sure indulge in some cookies and chips, but remember that foods high in sugar and salt will dehydrate you. You’re already going to be feeling the heat, especially with full body beach workouts like swimming with the kids, bocce ball and Frisbee. Even curling up under an umbrella with a book is hungry work. Summertime is the easiest time of year to get your hands on affordable, perfectly ripe fresh fruit and veggies. Stock up on produce as well as water and drinks that are low in sugar. Throw in some high protein snacks like unsalted nuts and seeds. It’s still okay if you visit the ice cream stand!

No matter how you spend your leisure time this summer, standard rates and rules apply: Keep sun exposure on bare skin to a minimum, wear sunglasses, stay hydrated with WATER, wear proper footwear whether it’s to the beach or in the backyard, and everything in moderation.

Are you experiencing some post-vacation pain or are you concerned whether you’re going to be able to sit through that 4-hour drive to the cottage? Wilson Health Services health and wellness professionals may be able help you reach your optimal fitness and comfort. Call our office at 519-624-8000 or visit https://wilsonhealth.ca to find out more.

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