shoes for back pain

4 Ways to Reduce Back Pain

While you debate whether to use hot or cold to treat back pain you’re more likely to wonder how to get better than how to prevent landing here again. We’ve got some ideas you might want to try to keep back pain in check whenever possible.

1. Correct your posture

When you practice good posture, both while sitting and standing, your back and spine work like they were designed: to keep you upright, comfortably. Slouching, hunching your shoulders, and staring down at your phone off and on all day long can cause your muscles and ligaments to strain at angles they weren’t designed for. Let your core muscles support your proper posture and keep your shoulders back. Catch yourself when you start to lean forward at your desk, take breaks during long car rides to walk around for a few minutes, and look up from your phone every few minutes.

2. Get sleep support

If your mattress has a dip, is too hard or too soft it might be time to look for a new one. You spend at least 6 hours sleeping every night (you do, right?!), and that’s a long time for your body to remain in one spot. Your back needs support that complements your sleep style. Ideally your spine should be as aligned during sleep as it would when you’re practicing proper posture: fairly straight from the neck down to the curve at the lower spine. Sleep comfortably on a mattress and pillow that supports your spine whether you starfish right in the middle or huddle up on the left side. Sometimes placing a pillow between your needs gives you just enough lift to reduce strain.

3. Core workout

Your core supports your back in all ways and that fact isn’t obvious until you’re back hurts. Strengthening your abdominal and surrounding muscles may help prevent back pain. Adding a core workout to your regular exercise regime is ideal, and it will help out your newfound proper posture. When you’re not working out simple adjustments in your routine make a difference, too. Avoid leaning on the counter when you’re washing the dishes, or on walls when you’re waiting for your friend outside the coffee shop. Gently tighten your abdominal muscles when you walk from your desk to the car or while you’re on hold with tech support.

4. Wear great shoes!

We know we talk about shoes often, but that’s because proper footwear can have a huge impact on your overall health. Your back plays a big part in keeping you balanced, and balance often starts with your gait. The way you walk and stand effects your back’s counterbalance, and when you’re wearing worn out shoes that lean to one side or heels so high you overcompensate your posture to stay upright, your back can become strained. The best shoes are close-toed, have a very slight heel, and don’t let your foot slide around when you walk.

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