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Can I receive chiropractic treatment during pregnancy?

Yes you can! Pregnancy brings with it happy anticipation of the new addition to your family, doting well wishes, and careful consideration about how you treat your body. Chiropractic treatment is safe during pregnancy, and in addition to continuing with your regular care, there are many pregnancy-specific treatments that you may be benefit from.

As soon as you know you’re pregnant, let your chiropractor know. Firstly, this is to avoid any aspects of chiropractic care that are not recommended during pregnancy, such as x-rays or electric muscle stimulation. They can talk to you about how to adjust your chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy and during postpartum. Planning ahead will give you peace of mind, and allow for any immediate adjustments to your care routine. Likewise, you should inform your primary pregnancy medical caregiver that you receive chiropractic treatments.

During your first trimester, chiropractic treatments generally proceed as normal. Additional benefits you may encounter at this time include relief from headaches, body aches, and spinal misalignment that may be occurring at this time as your body begins to prepare to make room for and carry the growing baby, and to give birth, by loosening your muscles, ligaments, and joints.

As your body changes and you begin to show, your chiropractor will adjust your position on the table to ensure you are comfortable and not putting pressure on the baby. At this stage you may find that your posture isn’t what it used to be, that your gait has changed, and you may have had to adapt your favourite sleep position. All of these adjustments, even minor, could lead to back pain, shoulder and neck pain, and headaches. Chiropractic treatment may be able to relieve that pain, and in some cases the indigestion that can be attributed to pregnancy.

Studies have found that some women have reported minimal back pain during labour if they received chiropractic treatment for lower back pain during their pregnancy, especially near their delivery date. Through adjustments made to the pelvic region, chiropractic care may also be able to help the body naturally turn a baby that is presenting in breech.

As you near the end of term, your body changes quickly and even more noticeably. The baby is gaining weight rapidly, you may have as well, (it’s okay!), you’re having a hard time sleeping, sitting, standing, walking, eating, and all you really want to do is rest and nest! There is a lot of strain on your back, your hips, your pelvis, and you have a hard time getting comfortable anywhere. You’re also likely at least a little stressed out. Even if you haven’t received chiropractic care before ever, now might be a good time to try it and find out whether your discomfort can be relieved while you make those final nursery preparations.

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