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Recurring headaches could be caused by spinal alignment issues. In fact, this is actually a very common scenario. If you’ve been experiencing frequent headaches and want to get natural and lasting relief, you should consult with Dr. Jason Wilson at Wilson Health Services.

There are many important messages that are sent between the nerves and the brain. This communication travels along the spine. When people have alignment issues, these important messages can be delayed or otherwise impaired. This impairment can result in chemical imbalances, difficulty sleeping and many other issues. Headaches can be one of these as can diminished immune system functioning.

Another way in which poor spinal alignment can result in head pain is by making certain muscle groups work too hard. When the vertebrae are out of alignment, some muscles are going to have to compensate for this injury. This can create tension and stress in the shoulders, neck, jaw and even facial muscles.

Chiropractors will work to know why spinal alignment issues or subluxations have occurred. If the cause has been an impact injury such as a car crash or fall, the provider will be able to resolve the subluxations over the course of several sessions. This can often be accomplished with manual adjustments, massage and other forms of therapy.

In some instances, people have subluxations, headaches and other issues as the result of negative life habits. Spending too long in a seated position, maintaining poor posture or even excess body weight are all issues that could cause the vertebrae to shift out of position. Chiropractors can offer their clients advice on building healthier lifestyles.

Working with these professionals is a great way to naturally resolve any issues relating to your spinal health. This is also an excellent form of prevention. With improved alignment you will be far less likely to continue experiencing headaches and less likely to suffer other health issues in the future.

You can get all-natural migraine headache and neck pain relief through chiropractic care. Get more information about a well-respected Chiropractor at now.

Wilson Health Services provides a number of different chiropody treatments including everything from Nail care, Diabetic Nail care, compression stockings to orthotics and braces. If you have any needs contact our Cambridge Chiropodist today!


Many people suffer with sciatica pain and discomfort. There are several forms of this condition that are related to issues with nerves of your lower back. If you are suffering with this type of pain, contact the Chiropractor at Wilson Health Services for relief. These professionals can identify the underlying cause of the pain and provide needed therapy.

When a person has a problem with sciatica, he/she typically experiences a sharp shooting pain and tingling in the feet and legs. In addition, there is a decrease in mobility and feeling. Folks who want to avoid taking medications to help with the pain choose chiropractic care. This type of therapy is more natural and non invasive.

Chiropractic care uses natural therapy that will promote the ability the body has for self healing. Through chiropractics, folks can strengthen their immune system and help to eliminate any underlying causes for pain and discomfort. The approach is holistic, which sees the body as a whole rather than a group of individual organs.

Any issue that affects the spine can cause problems in other areas of the body. Instead of prescribing medication, the skilled chiropractic professional will identify the source of the problem. Once it is known where the trouble stems from, there are a number of therapies that are used to relieve pain.

These therapies may include a combination of spine adjustments, exercise, hot and cold compresses, and decompression. Often, the practitioner will design exercises for the individual to do at home. By reducing nerve pressure, the symptoms of pain, tingling, and loss of sensation are relieved. Spinal mobility will also improve with the proper therapy.

A chiropractic care professional can help folks make changes in their lifestyle that will promote healthy healing. Additionally, reaching your optimum health will prevent illness and problems from returning. For a more natural therapy it is a good idea to contact a chiropractic care provider.

You can get all-natural leg and ankle pain relief through chiropractic care. Get more information about Chiropractic at now.

Chiropractors are typically thought of as only treating back pain. While they do that, they can also help with a large range of health problems. Chiropractors also focus on on-going preventive and wellness care. 

A herniated disc results from the abnormal positioning of spinal vertebrae causing compression and soft tissue leakage. The nerves in the affected region are unable to operate normally leading to disrupted function and continuous pain. For a herniated disc, Dr. Jason Wilson at Wilson Health Services offers an individualized management program to address symptoms with natural care.

A herniated disc may be supported with conservative care to protect against having surgery performed. Where symptoms have progressed and are causing weakness in the arms and legs, it may result from the nerve root that has been pinched. Such dysfunction may have to be corrected with invasive methods to prevent against additional neurological damage.

A bulging disc that is left to deteriorate can lead to permanent nerve damage. Once the pressure is removed from the nerve, it allows for natural healing processes to take place. Conditions of the spine may require surgical intervention to address physical dysfunction and facilitate the recovery of the damaged areas.

Chiropractic therapy involves non-surgical remedies to address the bulging disc that is causing nerve problems. Spinal adjustment methods may be applied where lumbar complications are present to ensure that the vertebrae remain in an aligned state. When the vertebral joints are in a state of imbalance, the excess pressure that agitate the nerve and requires a manual adjustment.

Non-invasive methods may have to be implemented across a span of a few weeks while patient recovery is monitored. A comprehensive approach is adopted focusing on the well-being of every patient and techniques that aim to alleviate pain without the use of harsh medication. Structured exercise remedies are advised to strengthen and tone supporting muscles.

For a herniated disc, therapy is important to protect against permanent nerve damage. Spinal adjustments may be recommended where back problems are experienced and followed with rehabilitation for physical health and wellness. Medication is not advised as a long term pain management method and natural alternatives may be sought for improved function and pain free results.

You can get all-natural back, leg, ankle and heel pain relief through chiropractic care. Get more information about Chiropractic at now.

Wilson Health Services provides solutions for the pain and related symptoms of migraine headaches. The chiropractic methods are natural and non-pharmaceutical.

Wilson Health Services and Dr. Jason Wilson are pleased to announce that relief for migraine headaches is available, thanks to the use of chiropractic & physiotherapy methods. The methods are natural and do not require the use of pharmaceuticals or chemicals. Our practitioners know that drugs tend to lose effectiveness and may even cause unwanted side effects if used over long periods. Wilson Health Services has the knowledge and experience to identify necessary therapeutic methods and techniques to ensure relief from this type of debilitating headache.

Migraine headaches are an especially severe type of headache that may be accompanied by a number of other symptoms, including nausea and vomiting. Other symptoms associated with migraines include weakness, dizziness and vision disturbances, as well as sensitivity to light, sound and even touch.

Migraines are not completely understood, and much study remains to be done into the causes and controlling factors. There are a number of triggers that are known to increase the frequency of headache events. These include environmental factors, certain foods, fatigue and stress. The patients are encouraged to keep a headache journal to track the events and associated triggers.

Dr. Wilson reviews information collected from the journal and conducts other tests and examinations as required. These may include physical examinations and digital imaging studies. Once the data is collected and studied, the doctor is able to design a customized program to alleviate the various underlying causes. Over time, the frequency, severity and duration of migraine headache pain is limited.

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Find out if our local Cambridge physiotherapist can relieve your headache symptoms and pain.

If you are dealing with the pain of a pinched nerve, you should know that it may be possible to get fast and natural relief. Working with a Chiropractor Dr. Jason Wilson is one of the best ways to address the problems that are causing your discomfort. This professional can help you identify and resolve spinal health issues.

Pinched or compressed nerves are the result of slipped discs. This happens when the vertebrae shift or are forced out of their natural alignment. These are issues that often develop after people have been in car crashes or slip and fall accidents.

There are a number of things that chiropractors can do to alleviate these issue. They will usually start their care by making a comprehensive examination of the spine. After having identified subluxated or misaligned areas, they will create individualized therapy plans. This ensures that care is structured for best meeting the unique needs of each client. Each plan will include a diverse range of therapies that work together to create improvements in mobility and comfort.

Therapy will often include the use of special chiropractic equipment. For instance, you provider can use ultrasound technology to alleviate pain and inflammation. This will also help to improve mobility and will make other types of therapy more accessible.

Inversion tables can also be used. These alleviate spinal pressure by lengthening and elongating the spine. This helps the body to become more adept in healing itself. When spinal alignment is poor, the nerves and the brain have a difficult time communicating with each other. This limits the body’s ability to heal. By improving alignment, it may be possible to expedite a person’s recovery.

Once pressure and pain have abated, these professionals may use manual adjustments to correct alignment issues. The goal of these efforts is to reduce subluxations and nerve compression. Each session will provide notable improvements and marked relief.

You can get all-natural neck, spine and hip pain relief through chiropractic care. Get more information about Chiropractic at now.

Wilson Health Services offers techniques and suggestions for better overall health to local residents. The multidisciplinary clinic doesn’t use invasive or pharmaceutical approaches, but chooses natural remedies instead.

Wilson Health Services and Dr. Jason Wilson are pleased to announce that they offer the most up-to-date techniques and methods in chiropractic care and health care to patients from the local area. Dr. Jason Wilson has the skills and experience to provide benefits in wellness to area residents. In addition to pain relief from injuries, accidents and illness, the doctor educates and informs audiences about a healthful lifestyle, designed to prevent many of the common complaints.

Because the clinic offers several health care disciplines, patients in need of massage therapy, chiropractic methods, chiropody, naturopathic medicine and physiotherapy can each receive the benefits of skilled practitioners. The services at the centre for health services also include a shockwave therapy and lower level laser therapy.

The first step in a consultation is to determine the cause of the complaint. Some patients come simply to learn how to achieve better health. The doctors and professionals work together to identify problem areas and to design a care regimen that will relieve pain and improve overall health. The plan may include elements from any or all of the associated professional fields. In each plan, the patient is kept fully informed about the objectives and progress.

Chiropractic care traditionally focuses on the health of the spinal column, but may include other elements as well. Each patient is seen as a whole person, rather than as a set of symptoms. The body is encouraged to build up and utilize the self-healing mechanisms that are available.

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