Foot Care Solutions for Happier, Healthier Feet

Wilson Health Services provides a range of foot care options for patients in the Cambridge area. The pain in the feet is addressed through knowledgeable techniques and actions.

Wilson Health Services and Dr. Jason Wilson are pleased to announce that they provide reliable foot care solutions for area residents. When there is pain in the feet, it affects mobility as well as general enjoyment of life. There are a number of natural and drug-free solutions to relieve pain in the feet. The Wilson Health Services Chiropodist provides experience and knowledge in suggesting appropriate methods for foot health. In Canada, doctors who care for the feet are known as chiropodists or podiatrists.

The doctors who care exclusively for the feet are primary health practitioners. They are engaged in the assessment, management and prevention of disorders of the feet. The training which is required to practice as a chiropodist is seven years after post-secondary training. Improving mobility for patients is the mission of the practitioners. Pain is relieved and overall foot health is promoted through education and many modalities.

The Chiropodist will assist with nail care and removal of callus and corns. When physical therapy is needed a customized care plan can be developed. Chiropodists are trained to do surgical procedures and will perform cutting into subcutaneous tissue as needed. They also inject drugs into the feet when needed. Chiropodists are able to prescribe designated drugs for patients.

When posture correction is needed, orthotics and or braces can be designed and prescribed which are useful in easing pain and mobility problems. Restoring balance and posture alignment is important to prevent pain in the hips and back as well as the feet and ankles.

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