Therapy For Car Accident Victims

When an automobile accident occurs, if at all possible, take pictures of both vehicles before leaving the scene. This may be important because once the site of the crash is cleaned up, evidence is lost. As a leading Cambridge chiropractor can confirm, not all injuries become apparent right after the accident.

This is especially true of the whiplash injury which often happens in rear-end collisions. The head is jerked rapidly forward and back and the result is similar to shaken baby syndrome. It might be hours or days before the strain and stiffness become unbearably painful.

In addition to strained muscles and ligaments, there may be a subluxation of one of the seven cervical vertebrae. The vertebrae are small, hollow bones that house the spinal cord. When one of them is subluxated, it means it is out of place. It may then press against a nerve resulting in moderate to excruciating pain.

It is best to have professional help as soon as possible. If you want care that is non-invasive and does not require you to take prescription medication, chiropractic assistance is ideal. However, no care can be provided until a full evaluation of your injury is complete.

This will be done during the first office appointment. A medical history is compiled. A physical exam of the neck and back is done. Often it includes an x-ray. Following that, a care plan can be arranged.

Care may or may not include wearing a cervical collar to stabilize the neck. It is only worn for a brief time. Hot and cold applications and massages may be used to relax the injured muscles and ligaments. Manual adjustments may be scheduled to ease one or more misaligned vertebrae back into its correct position.

With each successive appointment to administer the adjustments, the pain is alleviated. Soon you will be able to turn your head from side to side and look up at the sky and down at the ground as you did before the accident. You can look forward to getting back to work and enjoying a good quality of life.

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