Correcting Poor Posture In Children And Adults

Wilson Health Services offers exercises and alignment techniques to correct posture. Children and adults are able to position their bodies to improve alignment and gain the benefits of better health.

Wilson Health Services and Chiropractor Dr. Jason Wilson are pleased to announce that poor posture can be corrected without the need for surgery or painful therapy. Taking steps to improve posture in children or in adults, if necessary, will have lifelong benefits to the patient. Posture problems can create weakened muscles and connective tissue. It negatively affects nerve endings in the back, neck and shoulders. Bad posture may cause other system problems throughout the body. Dr. Wilson works with patients to identify effective solutions.

While most people think of posture problems as limited to rounded shoulders, it actually affects various parts of the body. The head may be thrust forward, the hips can be higher on one side than the other. Rounded upper back or slumped seated posture are all elements that can be harmful to the health of the patients.

The first steps taken by Dr. Wilson are to determine where there are problems with posture and alignment. It may be necessary to do digital studies for more precise measurements. Spinal alignment is based on fractions of inches. The doctor applies restorative techniques to the spine or other parts of the skeletal framework of the body.

Retraining muscles to support the body is another component of posture correction. The muscles are strengthened and aligned to support the parts of the body which are affected by poor posture. Over several sessions, the doctor will work with the patient to teach correct alignment and how to maintain it.

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