Solutions For Chronic Back Pain

Wilson Health Services Kitchener provides reliable and safe solutions for chronic back pain. Pain recovery coupled with long-term health benefits improve the quality of life.

Wilson Health Services and Dr. Jason Wilson are pleased to announce that the practice offers solutions for chronic back pain. Chronic pain is defined as lasting longer than 90 days. Those individuals who suffer from chronic pain can find that day-to-day activities are not possible. The discomfort interferes with every aspect of living.  Dr. Wilson is able to provide safe and effective methods to relieve the pain and promote healing.

Chronic pain in the back can result from injuries or accidents months, even years in the past. The injury can create muscle and nerve irritation which worsens over time. The nerve irritation can affect systems throughout the body, interfering with breathing and digestion as well as movement and general health.

The first step in therapy is for the chiropractor to determine the location which is causing the chronic pain. It is not always where the pain manifests. It may be necessary to obtain digital imaging studies, along with a patient history and a physical examination in order to identify the location and the cause of the pain. Once the data is collected, Dr. Wilson can design a plan to help alleviate the pain.

Recovery from chronic pain is not usually an overnight process. Relief usually occurs within a few sessions with the doctor. The reduction in pain means that the patient is better able to participate in the recovery process. Specific techniques can include spinal adjustment, physical therapy, massage and other methods. The chiropractic philosophy also promotes lifestyle changes that improve health and wellness.

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