Philosophy of Chiropractic Medicine

Chiropractic philosophy sees the human organism as an interconnected whole, rather than an assembly of independent organs. When an injury or disease seriously impacts one system, others may also be affected, and correcting the original problem can benefit the secondary issue. This is especially true when inflammation affects major nerve pathways.

Because of the comparatively long length of the sciatic nerve, the lower back is a common site for generating serious discomfort. When the lumbar vertebra experience mis-alignment, the bones can pinch and restrict internal nerves. Another pain source is related to herniation, a injury or bulge in the cushioning material between spinal bones.

Using a technique that involves gentle, manual re-positioning, the vertebra gradually assume a more natural configuration, and the leg pain associated with the sciatic nerve irritation often diminishes, sometimes disappearing completely. In addition to re-positioning the bones, chiropractors also recommend changes in lifestyle if necessary.

That often includes plans to help people begin an appropriate exercise regimen for their age, and assistance improving overall nutritional habits. Smoking cessation programs are emphasized, as well as helping overweight individuals reach a sensible goal. Healthier living habits eliminate the root causes of many common conditions associated with growing older.

Chiropractors can make referrals to other physicians when required, and embrace technological advances. For those seeking a solution that does not involve taking an additional medication, this holistic approach to pain relief allows the body to recover naturally, and has few or no side effects that can potentially cause damage to the liver or other vital organs.

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photo credit: SupportPDX Compassion 219 via photopin (license)