Can I receive chiropractic treatment during pregnancy?

Yes you can! Pregnancy brings with it happy anticipation of the new addition to your family, doting well wishes, and careful consideration about how you treat your body. Chiropractic treatment is safe during pregnancy, and in addition to continuing with your regular care, there are many pregnancy-specific treatments that you may be benefit from.

You’re inundated with advertisements for sales on everything from pencils to laptops, but there’s far more to prepare in advance before school starts up again in the fall. If your kids are starting kindergarten or are in their last year of college, here are some great ways to help everyone transition from summer vacation to regular routine with as few tears as possible.

Knowing that someone cares about you can have all kinds of psychological and physiological benefits. Demonstrations of care and concern may help you emotionally cope when under stress, inspire you to follow through on medical advice, and even boost your immune system. Support doesn’t just have to come from your best friend or your mom to be effective.

Running is a cost-effective, time-efficient, easy-to-maintain sport to take up. Whether you’re brand new to it, or it’s been a while since you last laced up your running shoes, we’ve got some tips to help you get set up to run for miles.

Does the thought of “summer feet” turn immediately to pedicures and nail polish? While a bit of aesthetic pampering is a lovely indulgence, getting your feet ready for summer should also take foot health into consideration. Your lower limbs, lower torso, and overall posture can be influenced by your every step. Keep these tips in mind before you head outdoors to enjoy the warm weather.

Do you know what varicose veins are? Often misunderstood as a condition reserved for the elderly and, while age is a factor, varicose and spider veins can occur at any time and may depend more on genetics and lifestyle than age.

What’s your ideal summer body? Perhaps your mind conjures polka dot bikinis and 6-pack abs. What are you doing about your seasonal allergies? Is your back prepared to go camping? What’s your plan to battle distraction during that countdown to vacation? We challenge you to entrust your Summer Body ideal to one of general health and wellbeing rather than a selfie. A great person to have on your team of trusted Summer Body Advisors is a naturopath. Here are some of our favourite reasons why.

Would you like to fit more exercise into your busy routine? Start walking. Looking for ways to boost your mood? Try walking! Interested in getting out there and meeting new people. Get out there and walk!

Stress can lead to a whole host of physical and mental health issues including high blood pressure, chronic headaches, and depression. Some stress is normal, and using it as inspiration to be your best is healthy, but when it feels like you can’t get ahead talk to your primary medical caregivers about stress management. Here are some of our best tips to keep stress levels manageable.


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