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Massage therapy is an ancient therapeutic form of treatment and is one of the oldest forms of treatment known to humankind. If you are in need of massage therapy or are looking for more information about it, visit us at Wilson Health Services.   

The human body performs many functions which makes it possible for different objectives to be achieved. Some of these functions, as in the feet, can change in unexpected and undesired ways over time. At Wilson Health Services we can assist in getting the feet structure to work as expected.

Foot orthotics are great for providing support and stability to a foot where muscles and ligaments are weak or not aligned properly. Custom foot orthotics provide better results because they are made to match the exact area that requires attention. Since each individual is different, providing a customized solution offers the best way for fast improvement.

A small misalignment in a foot can lead to pressure being exerted on other parts of the body. If the condition is left unattended, the situation can get more complicated with time. Using a well-fitting solution helps distribute pressure evenly to reduce stress on a few other parts of the body. A proper intervention mechanism gets to stop the problem and prevent further deterioration.

Foot orthotics that fit well can provide support to restrict movement which creates the right environment for a problem to be rectified. It helps influence the foot’s movement to change in a natural way, just as it is meant to be. This prevents causing more damage while slowing down the spread of inflammation in the body’s tissues.

Problems that go unchecked can become larger and probably require surgery to rectify them. By intervening early and correcting anomalies in the right way, surgical procedures are avoided. A foot recovering from a fracture can also be fitted to assist during healing process. It lets the foot heal without exposing it to unnecessary pressure.

The feet are sensitive to small alignment issues that can lead to imbalance or discomfort. Early intervention helps prevent creating unpleasant outcomes. Working with a professional provides an environment where one can be assisted and monitored. This ensures the recovery process goes well without complications.

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Wilson Health Services has a number of different foot care solutions and should be your sole (get it?) provider of foot care needs. Visit us today to see all of the foot care services we provide. 


Learn About Foot Care Solutions In Cambridge

The foot is one of the most intricate structures of the body including bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. The feet are required to sustain a great deal of pressure on a daily basis providing the body with stability and mobility. With natural methods and practices advised by a Cambridge ON chiropractor, a number of foot care solutions are made available to produce the healthiest results.

Wearing the correct fitting shoes with the appropriate sole support can prevent complications in mobility. Comfortable and structured footgear maintain the alignment of the feet and can minimize the possibility of painful bunions because of squeezing into the wrong shoe size. Footwear must be breathable and provide the foot with stability while walking, running, and standing.

Painful symptoms must be assessed by a professional to determine whether structural problems are present. Ongoing foot discomfort including hip, knee, and back pain may reveal misalignment of the bones. Alternative therapy including chiropractic offers natural modes of care with adjustment techniques to restore the balance of these components and to promote flexible function.

Poor arch formation or flat feet may contribute to painful symptoms in the back and knees as the body is no longer balanced. A practitioner will advise on wearing individualized arch supports that creates a prosthetic arch for the improvement of foot formation and stability. Many symptoms associated with poor physical alignment can be relieved with the use of arch supports.

Feet must be kept dry and clean on a daily basis. This includes the use of foot powders and quality socks that will minimize excessive sweating and risk of disease. A soothing and moisturizing cream can be applied to dry and hard skin for relief from cracked heels and patches.

Maintaining the health of each foot can provide support and prevent problems in mobility. Alignment of structures and relaxation of the soft tissues can minimize dysfunction and promote optimum mobility. Applying hygiene methods will minimize the development and spread of bacteria and fungus responsible for podiatry problems.

Chiropractic care helps relieve thigh, shin, ankle and toe pain naturally and quickly. Get more info about a reliable Cambridge ON chiropractor at now.

Wilson Health Services provides a range of foot care options for patients in the Cambridge area. The pain in the feet is addressed through knowledgeable techniques and actions.

Wilson Health Services and Dr. Jason Wilson are pleased to announce that they provide reliable foot care solutions for area residents. When there is pain in the feet, it affects mobility as well as general enjoyment of life. There are a number of natural and drug-free solutions to relieve pain in the feet. The Chiropodist at Wilson Health Services provides experience and knowledge in suggesting appropriate methods for foot health. In Canada, doctors who care for the feet are known as chiropodists or podiatrists.

The doctors who care exclusively for the feet are primary health practitioners. They are engaged in the assessment, management and prevention of disorders of the feet. The training which is required to practice as a chiropodist is seven years after post-secondary training. Improving mobility for patients is the mission of the practitioners. Pain is relieved and overall foot health is promoted through education and many modalities.

The Chiropodist will assist with nail care and removal of callus and corns. When physical therapy is needed a customized care plan can be developed. Chiropodists are trained to do surgical procedures and will perform cutting into subcutaneous tissue as needed. They also inject drugs into the feet when needed. Chiropodists are able to prescribe designated drugs for patients.

When posture correction is needed, orthotics and or braces can be designed and prescribed which are useful in easing pain and mobility problems. Restoring balance and posture alignment is important to prevent pain in the hips and back as well as the feet and ankles.

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Pain in your spine holding you back? Spinal decompression is a non-surgical, non-invasive therapy for the treatment for different types of back pain. This form of treatment has no known side effects and has been proven to be successful even with patients who have had limited to no success with other conventional therapies.


Wilson Health Services provides a range of massage therapy techniques which are helpful in pain relief and recovery from injuries. The therapy performed by a registered therapist is a natural healing and recovery aid.

Wilson Health Services and Dr. Jason Wilson are pleased to announce that the practice offers a range of services, including massage therapy for Cambridge residents. The Registered Massage Therapsits provide natural techniques which are effective against pain. Massage helps to restore circulation which promotes healing as well as pain relief. Therapy is mainly a form of hands-on manipulation to benefit both joints and soft tissue throughout the body.

Massage therapy should be performed by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). The RMT has completed a program leading to a diploma at one of the recognized schools of massage therapy. The therapist must also pass an examination scheduled by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. The proper application of selected massage therapy will assist in preventing, developing, maintaining and rehabilitating the body. Massage can also enhance physical function and relieve pain.

Massage therapy is suitable for every age group and many conditions. It helps with the relief of tension in the muscles as well as pain. The right massage therapy techniques will increase mobility and flexibility. The increased circulatory function which is provided by massage brings oxygen and the needed nutrients to the cells throughout the body.

Some of the specific conditions which are improved by the use of massage therapy include headache pain, including migraine headaches. Those who are overly stressed as a result of work or home pressure will be able to relax. Massage therapy has been helpful in muscle spasms, sprains and strains, including back pain. Following surgery or injuries, massage therapy can speed recovery.

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From common aches and pains to recovering from a major injury, access to professional chiropractic care can make more of a difference than you might think. A Multidisciplinary Clinic that can provide adjustments, massage therapies and other services is often an important resource. Seeking care from the best would be in your best interests.

Everyday aches and pains can result in considerable discomfort. A massage session can offer considerable relief from the pain caused by strained muscles and connective tissues. Speaking with a professional care provider regarding your pain and the options that may be available to help address may be an important step in the process.

Major injuries that may be the result of an accident or physical exertion can often require a lengthy rehabilitation process. Proper care can be essential for those who are attempting to recuperate after an injury. From skeletal alignment issues to damaged muscles, chiropractic care and massage techniques could make a bigger difference than you might think.

Working with a professional or care provider better suited to your needs is not a matter that should be left to chance. Whether you are in need of a routine massage or long term care and assistance, selecting the right provider or practice should always be a top priority. Dealing with a lesser provider could become quite a liability.

Having a firm understanding of your options, choices and resources can allow you to make smarter and more effective decisions. A little research may be all that is required in order to discover options that may have more to offer. Learning where to find the best providers and professionals would be to your benefit.

Clients who have made every effort to seek care from the best practitioners can enjoy greater peace of mind. Dealing with chronic pain or recovering from a serious injury will be easier when you have help from the best. Chiropractic practices and professionals that may have more to offer would be worth seeking out.

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Introducing Decompression, Shockwave and Laser Therapies to Wilson Health Services

Pain in a man's body on a gray background.

Man showing painHave you heard the news? Wilson Health Services has added Decompression, Shockwave and Laser therapies to our services. These 3 therapies are often misunderstood, so we’re explaining the benefits of each treatment and what you, the patient, can expect when undergoing treatment and why they aren’t to be feared.

Decompression Therapy is recommended for those suffering with sciatica, and back and neck pain associated with bulging, herniated or degenerated discs who have exhausted all other treatment options.

During treatment, the patient lies comfortably on a motorized padded table. The upper part of the table remains still while the lower part gently moves back and forth to relieve pressure on the damaged disc, and the irritated nerve, which in turn allows the disc to re-absorb water, oxygen and nutrients. A nourished disc is a happy disc!

You may feel a slight stretch in your back or neck, but most patients report it’s a very relaxing therapy. It’s not uncommon to use this therapy session to fit a quick nap into your day! There are no known side effects to spinal decompression therapy.

Shockwave Therapy (SWT) is recommended for patients with musculoskeletal injuries resulting in chronic pain for at least 3 months with unsatisfactory response to other courses of treatment. Shockwave-treatable injuries include heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis, jumper’s knee, shin pain, tennis elbow, rotator cuff tendonitis and calcification, hip pain, stress fractures, shin splits, and nerve damage.

The shockwaves themselves are acoustic waves (think Hertz not Voltage) applied to the skin’s surface above the pain source using a small handheld transmitter. Pain is reduced due to the anti-inflammatory reaction of tissues to the shockwaves. Metabolism and blood circulation are stimulated, causing the body to heal faster than it would on its own. Think of it like a healing rock concert – heavy on the bass.

It’s common for patients who use shockwave therapy to notice their pain lessening immediately, and to find that the healing process is speedy. There are no known side effects from shockwave therapy. Some patients find the treatment uncomfortable, but not intolerable.

Laser Therapy is recommended to patients for a number of musculoskeletal problems including fractures, tendonitis, arthritis, back pain, gout, tears in ligaments, tendons and muscles, nail fungus, and skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and acne.

Treatment is applied directly to the skin using red and infrared light technology by way of LED lights. It’s important that the light be absorbed by and not reflected off the skin; you could think of it like a disco dance party without the mirror ball. We use class IV laser technology, which penetrates the tissues deeper and treats injuries faster than cold laser technology. Cells and damaged tissues absorb the light energy and change it into biochemical energy which improves circulation, regular cell function, and heals the pain-causing damage faster than the body can on its own.

Laser therapy is a non-toxic, pain-free treatment, with almost no known side effects.

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