What’s Causing your Migraine

For anyone who has never experienced the severity of a migraine headache, the debilitating nature of it may be difficult to understand. While an aching head is a painful occurrence no matter its cause or nature, migraines occupy a special place in the hierarchy of pain. Fortunately, Chiropractor Dr. Jason Wilson has the expertise and experience patients need to overcome their agony.

Migraines are typically experienced as intense, throbbing pain that is sometimes accompanied by nausea, physical weakness, and various forms of visual disturbance. While common tension headaches often last several hours. A migraine can last for as long as several days. Throughout much of that time, sufferers are highly sensitive to light and seek only the mild comfort offered by a quiet, dark room.

Researchers have determined that this condition is usually related to restricted blood vessels that alter the blood flow to the brain. It can be triggered by lack of sleep, exposure to certain odors, stress, and medications. In addition, there seems to be a genetic element involved as well.

Chiropractic care has been demonstrated to be effective in not only caring for these patients, but helping to prevent their headaches in the first place. Studies have indicated that as many as seven out of ten migraine sufferers demonstrated significant improvement after undergoing chiropractic care.

The tools and techniques used by chiropractors are effective because they target many of the basic issues that can lead to blood flow problems. The very act of adjusting the spine and manually manipulating muscle tissue increases normal blood flow and relieves much of the tension that can be involved in creating migraine conditions.

While chiropractic techniques may not be effective in every instance, their demonstrated usefulness in managing migraine pain is noteworthy. As a result, patients who suffer from chronic head pain should consider the benefits they could realize from a consultation with these professionals.

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