Safe Herniated Disc Relief

A herniated disc results from the abnormal positioning of spinal vertebrae causing compression and soft tissue leakage. The nerves in the affected region are unable to operate normally leading to disrupted function and continuous pain. For a herniated disc, Dr. Jason Wilson at Wilson Health Services offers an individualized management program to address symptoms with natural care.

A herniated disc may be supported with conservative care to protect against having surgery performed. Where symptoms have progressed and are causing weakness in the arms and legs, it may result from the nerve root that has been pinched. Such dysfunction may have to be corrected with invasive methods to prevent against additional neurological damage.

A bulging disc that is left to deteriorate can lead to permanent nerve damage. Once the pressure is removed from the nerve, it allows for natural healing processes to take place. Conditions of the spine may require surgical intervention to address physical dysfunction and facilitate the recovery of the damaged areas.

Chiropractic therapy involves non-surgical remedies to address the bulging disc that is causing nerve problems. Spinal adjustment methods may be applied where lumbar complications are present to ensure that the vertebrae remain in an aligned state. When the vertebral joints are in a state of imbalance, the excess pressure that agitate the nerve and requires a manual adjustment.

Non-invasive methods may have to be implemented across a span of a few weeks while patient recovery is monitored. A comprehensive approach is adopted focusing on the well-being of every patient and techniques that aim to alleviate pain without the use of harsh medication. Structured exercise remedies are advised to strengthen and tone supporting muscles.

For a herniated disc, therapy is important to protect against permanent nerve damage. Spinal adjustments may be recommended where back problems are experienced and followed with rehabilitation for physical health and wellness. Medication is not advised as a long term pain management method and natural alternatives may be sought for improved function and pain free results.

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