Relieving Upper Back Pain Safely

If the upper part of your back is sore, this can make it hard for you to work or perform other activities. You can consult a Dr. Wilson of Wilson Health Services of Cambridge to have the pain alleviated so you can resume your normal lifestyle. You may need to accept that you may have to change certain habits if you wish to solve the problem completely.

Upper back pain may often be ascribed to hunching over a computer or other bad habits and has become much more common. It may also occur in combination with neck pain or shoulder pain. In most cases, there is some involvement of the myofascial tissues or rib-spine joints, although this is not necessarily always so.

Muscle pain seems a simple condition, but it can prove difficult to relieve the irritation once it has become established. In fact, myofascial pain has become a major concern for the medical fraternity. Chiropractors seem to enjoy the most success with this condition, just as they do with other troublesome medical problems.

Sports injuries, inadequate strength in your muscles or overuse, strains, or auto accidents are other possible cause of this problem. You might be given a set of stretching and strength-building exercises to help return the muscles to normal. It is important to comply with exercise routines if you want to eliminate the pain.

Conservative chiropractic care is indicated to deal with most of these problems. While NSAIDS are often recommended to reduce inflammation, if there is damage to the joints between your ribs and spine are involved they can be counter-productive. Medications should always be used with caution because of their side-effects.

Dr. Jason Wilson offers your best chance of finding relief from upper back pain. The techniques used are natural, safe, and minimally invasive, and are unlikely to cause further damage to the affected area. Once the immediate problem has been resolved, you need to be alert to prevent it from recurring.

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