Put Your Feet In The Right Place

There are any number of foot and ankle disorders that can cause pain. An ankle can be twisted and cause immediate and future problems. An ankle can be turned inward and sprained by stepping on a stone or wearing unstable shoes. The advice of the Chiropractor and the Chiropodist/Foot Specialiast includes precautionary measures as well as adjustments to the feet.

Some of the shoe styles worn are too high and do not offer any support. A break is uncommon, but ligaments of an ankle might be torn. The resultant swelling and bruising might require a four to six week period to heal. After healing, there may be scar tissue to deal with.

It is common to injure or irritate the ball of your foot, which is where the toes join the metatarsals on the sole. One of the metatarsals, or long bones, may become misaligned. This condition, called metatarsalgia, can result from a stress fracture or a pair of stylish stiletto-heeled shoes.

Pain on the top of your feet is sometimes due to irritated joints in the toes. It is also a result of unusually high arches on your feet. Mechanical stress or misalignment can be responsible for pain on the inside or outside surfaces of the feet as well. Tight-fitting shoes may also cause it.

The tendon at the heel of the foot is named the Achilles tendon. Tendonitis occurs in this location due to strain and abnormal movements, usually during a sporting competition. The repeated stress can lead to development of Achilles tendonitis over a long period of time.

What is not always addressed is the fact that misalignment in the bones of your feet can lead to other problematic conditions. The knees can be affected as well as the hip joints. Your Chiropractor and your Chiropodist will evaluate the relationship between hip and knee misalignment and that which is present in the feet. The effects of misaligned bones in your feet can be traced all the way up to the lower back.

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