Natural Scoliosis Correction

Wilson Health Services offers natural and non-surgical therapy for correcting scoliosis pain and related symptoms. No drugs are used as part of the therapy.

Wilson Health Services and Dr. Jason Wilson are pleased to announce that they are able to correct problems associated with scoliosis. The spinal condition is a painful and debilitating misalignment of the spine which usually occurs in early adolescence but may appear at a younger age. The spine of a person with scoliosis is curved sideways, instead of its normal curve. The Doctor of Chiropractic uses a series of spinal adjustments to bring the vertebral column back into alignment.

No one knows exactly what causes scoliosis, but chiropractors see the results and can work to correct the misalignment. Traditional care for scoliosis depends on the progression of the condition. For many patients, the condition comes on around the growth spurt time which often accompanies puberty.

By applying a series of small adjustments, the spinal column is helped to a better alignment. When the vertebrae are aligned properly, the muscles, nerves and connective tissue are no longer irritated by vertebrae or spinal discs. The relief from pain for scoliosis victims can be significant.

Other natural therapeutic techniques will be used in conjunction with the spinal adjustments to restore proper circulation of the blood to distressed areas. The circulation brings the nutrients needed to heal nerves and soft tissue. Healthy circulation improves the ability of the blood to carry away toxins and damaged cells. The chiropractor also works to improve posture, using exercises that strengthen supportive tissue.

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