Migraine – More than a Pain in the Head

There is a large group of migraine sufferers who do not want to rely on prescription medication for pain relief. Both men and women are included in this group of sufferers. Chiropractor Dr. Jason Wilson reports an increase in the number of people seeking relief from the excruciating pain of migraine headaches.

These debilitating headaches have been attributed to a number of causes. When the spine is misaligned the nerve pathways are altered and a migraine can be the result. The transmission of signals to the brain is obstructed, which causes the pain.

Many individuals do not want to take any medication for the pain. They do not want prescription drugs or over-the-counter drugs. Addiction is the feared result of taking anything for pain.

Unlike pain pills, chiropractic methods are more than just palliative. A series of manual adjustments can alleviate the pain by re-aligning the spinal vertebrae. When these small, hollow bones that make up the spine are correctly aligned, the aforementioned obstruction is removed and pain is alleviated.

Anyone who has experienced a migraine knows what real headache pain feels like. Calling for a chiropractic appointment is the first step towards relief. The victim is examined physically, asked a series of relevant questions and in some cases the neck area is x-rayed.

The spinal column is made up of these vertebrae and the seven located in the neck are called the cervical vertebrae. Their misalignment is a likely cause of migraine. However, the entire back is examined and considered as a cause.

Following a thorough evaluation a plan on how to care for the victim is planned. In many instances a series of adjustments to the cervical spine will be scheduled. Massage may be added to that plan.

Each person will respond to the adjustments at their own pace. For some, relief begins sooner than for others. Each individual is unique and many factors determine response time. As the misalignment is corrected, alleviation of the intense pain caused by the migraine headache will be achieved.

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