Chiropractic Is A Natural Way to Relieve Pain

In chiropractic health care the skeletal system of the body is thought to be at the root of all bodily dysfunction. When the bones in the spine, for example, are misaligned due to accident or disease, the rest of the body cannot be completely functional. When you visit Dr. Jason Wilson of Wilson Health Services Guelph, a thorough examination of the spine is done.

In addition to examining the back, neck and extremities, a medical history will be compiled. You will be questioned about the event that preceded the pain you are dealing with. The intensity and duration will also be explored. Often an x-ray is used to confirm the extent of how extensive the damage is and location of your injury.

There has been research done on chiropractic care to alleviate pain. Most has focused on the spine and how spinal adjustments are used. But, there are other methods used such as nutritional counseling, use of mild exercise routines and massage. Often two or more methods are used concomitantly.

The research that has been done indicates chiropractic care is productive in dealing with migraine headaches, fibromyalgia and neck pain resulting from whiplash that occurs, mostly in rear end automobile collisions. The rear end collision can cause significant pain even when the vehicle is traveling at a low speed.

After your condition is evaluated a care plan can be arranged. A series of office visits will be scheduled to administer spinal adjustments if they are indicated. Each will last between ten and twenty minutes. Symptoms, including the pain you are suffering, are expected to be improved in a few weeks.

There may be instructions to follow such as improving your sitting and standing posture. The goal is to alleviate your pain now, plus avoid activities that may induce or aggravate it in the future. A return to your job and taking up the recreational pursuits you enjoy are things that you can certainly look forward to.

Chiropractic care alleviates stomach, groin and knee pain safely and effectively.

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