Auto-Accident Injury Victims Find Relief

Wilson Health Services offers non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical methods for healing area residents after automobile accidents. The therapy programs are safe and effective.

Wilson Health Services and Dr. Jason Wilson are pleased to announce that area residents who have been involved in an automobile accident and have incurred injuries as a result should schedule a consultation with the doctor. The chiropractic techniques learned and used over many years of practice in order to relieve pain and speed recovery.

Determining the exact location of the injuries which occur in an automobile accident is dependent upon careful examination. The doctors use physical exams, digital imaging studies and patient health history information in order to design a program of therapy and recovery. The first step in recovery is generally to alleviate the symptoms of pain which are part of the injury cycle. With the collection of data, the doctor is able to create a suitable program for recovery.

Auto accident injuries can affect any part of the body, depending upon the specifics of the accident. The care plan developed by the doctor takes all of the various elements into consideration. Attention for soft tissue injuries is different than those for the skeletal frame. In each type of injury, the doctor identifies the specific needs of the patient.

Our Practitioners understand the role of the body to improve overall health. In many types of injuries, the body is able to heal itself. Methods which are used to relieve pain and to improve overall health can be massage, spinal alignment, heat and cold therapy and electro-therapy.

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