Athletic Injury Safety Tips

With the rise in the number of young individuals involved in athletics, there is an increase in injuries. Damage to the joints and tissues can lead to limited movement, an inability to train, and impediments in overall physical performance. A Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist and Chiropodist offer safety tips to minimize the possibility of severe strain and limited movement.

Before you engage in sports or exercise, warm up methods should be completed. This includes light stretching and cardiovascular methods that aim to increase blood circulation and heart rate. The preparation of the soft tissues and the joints can assist the body in the ability to cope with the physical demands placed on it.

Strength training has become an important part of a workout to prepare for highly intensive sports. This includes the use of weights and resistance methods that will tone and develop muscle strength. Soft tissues that are stronger and more flexible can engage in rigorous actions that will support joint function and spinal health.

Our chiropractic practitioners can aid in assessing the health of the spinal column. Where the spine has become misaligned, it can limit the ability to move properly and may be associated with pain and strain. The application of spinal adjustment techniques will assist in returning the vertebrae to its aligned state and will alleviate pressure placed on the nervous tissue.

Do not continue to perform activities where pain is experienced and intensified. It could be an indication of severe damage that will be made worse with ongoing movement. Any form of swelling or cramping should be addressed with a warm or cold compress that will assist in alleviating strain and painful symptoms.

Our practitioners will be able to advise on tailored technique to develop the muscles and joints. Specific exercises can aid in improving health and function for sports and training. This includes a look at the balance of the spine and the operation of the musculoskeletal system.

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