walking and exercise

Looking for an Easy Health Boost? Try Walking!

Would you like to fit more exercise into your busy routine? Start walking. Looking for ways to boost your mood? Try walking! Interested in getting out there and meeting new people. Get out there and walk!

Walking is a phenomenal form of activity with physical and mental health benefits. The only special equipment you need is a pair of comfortable shoes, and somewhere to go. Take a nature walk, admire neighbourhood holiday decorations, even malls open their doors early to accommodate walking enthusiasts. Suitable for all ages and most physical abilities, it’s difficult to come up with reasons to avoid walking.

As a form of exercise, walking is low-impact and easily adjustable to adapt to any schedule, environment, and skill level. Train yourself to look for places you could fit in a few more steps rather than avoiding them. Park farther away from the door when you’re out shopping. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk to work, to school, to the bank, and to the post office. Use Google to calculate how long it will take you to walk somewhere you’ve accustomed to driving. A 10-minute round-trip drive is about a 40-minute round-trip walk. If you were planning to watch TV with those extra 30 minutes, try walking instead! A 20-minute walk is enough to burn about 100 calories and give your body a healthy dose of exercise.

When you’re feeling stressed, anxious, burnt-out, or down, going for a walk may lift your spirits. There are a number of walking factors that can affect your mood. A change of scenery could be exactly what you need to invoke inspiration even if it’s just a turn around your office parking lot, and experiencing the tranquility of nature has been known to be calming. Sunlight provides vitamin D, which has been linked to improved mental and physical health, particularly in reference to cancer, heart disease, obesity, and several autoimmune diseases. How much sunlight needed depends on the individual so it is recommended that you wear a hat and long clothing to protect yourself from sunburn, particularly if you’re going for a long walk, if you’re out during peak daylight hours, and in the hot summer months.

Ready to start walking? Invest in a great pair of walking shoes. Your shoes should fit comfortably, have a small heel, and be no taller than 65mm (or ¼ of an inch). Your toes should be able to wiggle without rubbing against the front of the toe box with about 2.5cm (or ½ and inch) of space between the tip of the big toe and the inside of the shoe. Proper footwear could help you to avoid painful foot problems such as corns, blisters, strains, sprains, and even plantar fasciitis.

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