Taking care of your feet is incredibly important! Learn 10 tips on how to care for your feet.

1. Inspect your feet regularly. It’s important to observe your feet on a daily basis. Look for any changes in the general appearance of the foot such as colour and the texture. These are changes that should not be ignored. Unusual swelling and changes in the toenails should not be neglected either.

2. Practice strict foot hygiene. The feet are favourite breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi. Make sure you wash your feet well, and dry them thoroughly afterwards.

3. Moisturize the skin in your feet. Warm days can make the feet lose all their natural oils, making them extremely dry and fissures (cracks) can develop.

4. Wear appropriate footwear. Always purchase the right size of footwear. Shoes that are too tight tend to bruise or tear the skin surrounding the pressure points of the feet. Comfort should never be substituted for style.

5. Trim your toenails straight across. Never too defined at the sides because if you cut too defined at the sides it may lead to an ingrown toenail, and neglecting this will only cause you an infection.

6. Change shoes dailyYour feet have a lot of sweat glands, and wearing shoes will only absorb the moisture released from these glands. Make it a point to allow your shoes dry after each and every use. If possible, interchange shoes to ensure your shoes are drying though the night.

7. Exercise regularly. Running or even simple exercises can also be done but make sure you wear the appropriate footwear. Foot exercises improve pedal circulation.

8. Do not walk barefoot. Even when at home, always wear the appropriate footwear. There are many harmful microorganisms found on the floor as well as shoes prevent trauma t your feet.

9. Apply sunblock to your feet during hot days. Applying sunblock will prevent painful sunburns and blisters.

10. See a chiropodist regularly. If you notice or feel anything unusual in your feet, do not hesitate to see a chiropodist.

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