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Wilson Health Services is devoted to pain relief for local area residents, using safe and effective methods. The professionalism and care provided has enhanced the reputation of the center.

Wilson Health Services and Dr. Jason Wilson are pleased to announce that the services offered at the clinic are able to provide relief from foot pain felt by local residents. Services include padding, strapping, ultrasound, shockwave therapy and laser therapy amongst other therapies to relieve pain in the feet due to injury or other conditions. Chiropodists are health care practitioners specialized in treating and assessing the feet and they are part of the overall natural approach to health which is found at Wilson Health.

Pain in the feet can be due to many different causes. There are many small bones in the feet, as well as a number of nerves, tendons and muscles. At the same time, there is not a lot of padding to protect the feet from normal wear and tear. Since chiropodists are able to design, prescribe orthotics and braces, they can help protect the feet from uneven pressure in the course of standing or walking.

Conditions such as arthritis, sports injuries, diabetes and nail surgery are part of the focus of chiropodists. These professionals work with individuals of all ages, but are especially important in assisting elderly people to maintain their mobility and thus their independence. These doctors spend many years preparing for their field of expertise.

Chiropodists and podiatrists are different terms for the same type of training and abilities. Patients who are experiencing pain in the feet should schedule a consultation with the professionals at Wilson Health Services. The Chiropodist will perform an examination and determine the best course of therapy going forward. The actions of the practitioner will enable the patient to obtain relief from the pain naturally and safely.

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Wilson Health Services was founded in June of 2001 by Dr. Jason Wilson.  The office has grown over the years and is now a bustling multidisciplinary office.  Our team includes two Chiropractors, five Registered Massage Therapists, two Physiotherapists, an Acupuncturist, a Naturopath, a Chiropodist and a Low Intensity Laser Therapist.


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