Back pain is often a sign of spine damage or misalignment of the joints placing severe pressure on spinal nerves and soft tissues. Chiropractic is one of the most commonly sought healthcare modalities to assist in sports injuries, trauma, and muscle spasms. Chiropractor Dr. Jason Wilson advises on the benefits of relieving back pain naturally.

With the rise in the number of back ache complaints, more people are relying on medication to find relief from such discomfort. Prescription pills and anti-inflammatories are temporary aids as it blocks pain signals, but will not resolve the dysfunction. It also contributes to adverse effects on regular healing processes.


Chiropractic is based on structural balance and when one or more of these physical components is not stable, it will lead to problem function. The practitioner will base a rehabilitation plan on a complete assessment of physical health. Bend tests and X-rays may be required to determine whether injuries such as disc herniation are present.

A case of spinal misalignment will best respond to the performance of chiropractic adjustment techniques. When the spine is imbalanced, it places large amounts of abnormal pressure on the soft tissues and nerves between the vertebral joints. This can lead to severe aches and limited mobility and requires adjustments to return alignment for pressure and pain relief.

Methods are aimed at improving quality of movement. Spinal decompression is advised for bulging disc injuries and creates spaces between each disc to relieve pressure. The purpose is to increase the volume of nutrients and oxygen to the damaged tissues for improved operation and efficient healing processes.

The recovery plan may involve exercises to strengthen the muscles in the targeted regions of the body. All patients are advised on the maintenance of an aligned spine through the correct posture and exercise plans. A healthy weight can prevent additional pressure on the joints and aids in improving mobility for a reduction in back pain.

You can get long-lasting back, thigh and knee pain relief through chiropractic care. Get more information about athe Services at Wilson Health Services and Dr. Jason Wilson at now.


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