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Wilson Health Services Awards


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Chiropractor - Dr. Jason Wilson Gold
Chiropodist/Foot Specialist - Patricia Wilson Diamond
Physiotherapist - Kiran Bal Gold
Laser Therapist - Sheethal J.K. Platinum
Laser Therapist - Kiran Bal Diamond
Orthotics/Chiropody/Foot Clinic Diamond
Chiropractic Clinic Platinum
Shockwave Therapy Diamond
Spinal Decompression Therapy Diamond

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wilson readers choice awards 2016new


wilson wins rca 2015 platinumwilson wins rca 2015 diamondwilson wins rca 2015 gold

  • Best Chiropractor- Dr. Jason Wilson Gold
  • Best Chiropractic Clinic – Diamond
  • Best Naturopathic Clinic- Diamond
  • Best Orthotics – Diamond
  • Best Physiotherapy Clinic- Diamond
  • Best Massage Clinic- Platinum
  • Best Chiropodist- Patricia Wilson – Diamond


  • Best Massage Clinic- Gold
  • Best Orthotic Clinic- Diamond
  • Best Chiropodist- Patricia Wilson-Diamond
  • Best Chiropractic  Clinic- Platinum
  • Best Naturopathic Clinic-Gold


  • Best Massage Clinic- Gold
  • Best Orthotic Clinic-Platinum
  • Best Physiotherapy Clinic-Gold


  • Best Massage Clinic-Gold
  • Best Physiotherapy Clinic- Platinum
  • Best Chiropractic Clinic- Diamond


  • Best Chiropractor- Dr. Jason Wilson- Gold

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Wilson Health Services

Wilson Health Services was founded in June of 2001 by Dr. Jason Wilson.  The office has grown over the years and is now a bustling multidisciplinary office.  Our team includes two Chiropractors, 3 Registered Massage Therapists, a Physiotherapist, a Naturopath, a Chiropodist and a Atheltic Therapist. We offer state of the art therapies like Shockwave, Class 4 Laser, Decompression and Fox laser for Fungal Nail removal.


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