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Choosing the Right Shoe

Everyone has different shoe requirements and there is no single fit for all. Body weight, biomechanics, occupation, shape of the feet and the surfaces you walk on, are some crucial determinants of your footwear choice. If you are considering the aesthetics and pricing while buying the footwear, you also have to take into count shoe features that will help you keep your feet healthy. Read further to know how…

Why Do You Need The Right Shoes?
Besides our personal choices of shoe colour and design, our selection also depends on our occupation. Nurses, sales persons, doctors, sports trainers, homemakers have varying reasons and frequency of physical movement thus each person needs a specific shoe type. It is not surprising to know that ill-fitting shoes not only damage the feet, but also give way to knee pain, heel pain and back problems, thus hampering the physical well-being.
To ensure comfortable feet movement, you should always consider the following features while choosing the footwear:

Low Heel
Flat shoes should be avoided if you are on your feet for long periods of time. A small heel, approximately 1/4 inch elevation is best . The heel counter (area that goes around the heel) should be stiff and provide a strong ankle support to prevent ankle sprains. Wearing flat shoes on a daily basis results problems like tendinitis and arch pain.

Shoe Uppers
A shoe upper should accommodate the shape of your feet and allow flexible movement. Ideally, the upper material should be porous, non-irritating and soft.

Large Toe Box
Shoes with a large toe box are better. Something that allows your toes considerable wiggle space. However, a toe box that is too large can be contraindicated as well as it may cause the feet to slide inside the shoes. When buying shoes it’s important to leave at least 1/2 inch toe room in front. It is also essential to have sufficient space above the toes to prevent the feet from rubbing against the shoes because this may cause corns.

Shock Absorbing
Good shock absorbing shoes are built to provide cushioning and absorb shock in the arch, the ball of the foot and the heel. Besides absorbing shocks, the insole material helps to relive heat and prevent spreading of infection inside the shoes.

Shoe Laces
Laces or Velcro straps provide strong grip and prevent the feet from sliding inside the shoe while walking or running.

Book an appointment with Chiropodist Patricia Wilson at Wilson Health Services to find out how custom orthotics & footcare may benefit you by calling 519-624-8000.

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